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Thinking School Switzerland

was established in June 2019 by four professors from Switzerland and Vietnam
with the aim to offer online and blended training courses using innovative technology.


Admission process

Step Contents Description Appendix
1 Application submission Applicants submit application and fee online [2.2.1] – Website (application package)
2 Application review Admission committee reviews application and cross-checks with admission criteria [2.2.2] – Application criteria
3 Applicant interview Applicant is interviewed by 2 members of Admission Committee [2.2.3] – Admission Committee members

[2.2.4] - Interview questions and guidelines

4 English proficiency test Students will be checked on their English proficiency [2.2.5] - English requirements and test format
5 Admission decision Course Director reviews the admission results and make decisions; decision will be communicated to applicant, together with the reasons
6 Student enrollment Admission offer sent to applicants and applicants confirm to join the program [2.2.6] – Admission offer

Admission condition

Admission to the GLDP course of studies will be granted to applicants:

  • holding a university degree
  • providing sufficient evidence of appropriate professional experience (of not less than three years as a general rule)
  • providing evidence of the required language skills
  • high level of movitation.

Applicants not holding a university degree may be admitted to the GLDP “sur dossier” if they demonstrate their ability to participate in an academic program by submitting an essay and other evidence. In addition, they need to have appropriate professional experience and achievements of not less than five years as a rule. Such evidence can be provided by means of:

  • Certificate of employment
  • Official documents
  • Presentations
  • Description of professional activities
  • Target agreements
  • Reports
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates of continuing education
  • Description of examples from professional experience
  • Bibliographical references / publications
  • Employer's letter of recommendation for candidates not holding a degree from a university or a university of applied sciences (qualified admission).

English language skills are expected and need to be proved by one of the following certificates:

Table 2.3: English requirements

TOEFL paper
Cambridge Advanced Certificate
Students without English certificate can take the test [2.2.7 – English test example] prepared by Thinkingschool to meet the English proficiency requirement.


The GLDP Course Director shall decide on the admission of candidates in any individual case. The decision on admission is substantiated and documented.