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  2. Managers and leaders want to perfect their management and leadership skills
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Master of Advanced Studies in Global Leadership Development


Thinking School Switzerland AG

Thinking School Switzerland complies with the laws on education and training of the Swiss government and the Swiss education system

FIBAA (in progress, to be completed in 2020)

The MAS - GLD program will be available in 2 languages
1. Vietnamese program to be enrolled in August, 2019
2. English program will be enrolled in December 2019

  • Number of Credit: 60 ECTS
  • Number of Semester: 3
  • Number of  Course: 15 -17 Course & 1 Master Thesis
  • Global Strategic Leadership
  • Supply Chain Management

• The program is verified by multinational enterprises: FGL, Shinhan, Samsung
• Vietnamese and international lecturers with extensive academic, administrative and teaching experience
• Besides lecturers, subjects will have industry experts join in co-teaching to ensure the practicality of the program.
• Training content, practical situations from real-world experience are compiled after the training process of Thinking School
• Courses are conducted online so students can study anywhere, anytime, as long as they have computers and the internet
• The private session with instructors will be notified in advance so that students can arrange and take the initiative in class
• 3 weeks of offline learning in 3 different countries provides students with access to new business environment in different countries.
• Opportunity to connect with students from different regions and countries

Study online and 3 weeks offline in 3 different countries
Online learning:
• Self-study with the content available on the system
• After self-study on the system, students will have private and public session with lecturers (lecturers in charge and experts in different fields) through the Live streaming system.
Study offline:
• During 3 terms, there will be 3 weeks of offline study in 3 different countries: Thailand, South Korea, China

What is live streaming?
Live streaming is a real-time online learning system. Students log into the system and interact with the instructor online at a predetermined time.

When attending a study abroad class, students will:
a, Visiting companies in the country
b, Cultural exchange and experience sharing to connect with local buisness
c, Participate in outing leadership
d, Learn local culture
e, Study some subjects depending on the semester:
• Semester 1 (Intercultural communication skills; Entrepreneurship and creativity);
• Semester 2 (Building high-performing teams; Leaders in focus);
• Semester 3 (Business and competition in an international environment; Master's thesis).
This is an opportunity to connect, trade and exchange experiences between students and each other with local businesses. Through this, develop relationship skills and work in a multinational environment.

Estimated timeline:
1. Semester 1: November - 2019
2. Semester 2: March - 2020
3. Semester 3: December - 2020

The program has been taught to multinational companies such as FGL, Sam Sung, Shinhan, Taekwang, ... and is highly appreciated by students and corporates.
In addtion to our experienced lecturers, the school also invites speakers who are leading managers to join in to co-teach to ensure the applicability of the program.
In addition, the school is also working with the European educational quality accreditation organization - FIBBA ( to get accreditaion and expected to be complete in 2020 to assure the quality of the program

Vietnamese program: 9,900 USD
English program: 13,900 USD
Included in Tuition fees: studying, accommodation and transportation during the course abroad.
Not included: 2-way air tickets to and from 3 countries; personal expenses and living expenses while abroad; book and other materials; ...

Programm 1 installment 3 installments Installment Support
Vietnamese 9.600 USD First time: 3.300 USD (start of the first term)


2nd time: 3.300 USD (start of the 2nd semester)

3rd: 3.300 USD (start of the 3rd semester)

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English 13.600 USD First time: 4.700 USD (start of the first term)


2nd time: 4.600 USD (start of the 2nd semester)

3rd: 4.600 USD (start of the 3rd semester)


• Domestic and international lecturers
• Academic professors
• Practical experience managers
• International experience managers
• Are all pedagogically certified

Join co-lecturers, share practical experiences to ensure the practicality and application of the program the real world. At the same time, experts also share practical experience for the problems students are facing.