Tiếng Việt

Thinking School Switzerland

was established in June 2019 by four professors from Switzerland and Vietnam
with the aim to offer online and blended training courses using innovative technology.

Key strategic dimensions

Liberal education

Our mission is to promote liberal education for our students and stakeholders.

Global perspectives

We employ a global vision in all our strategies, objectives, programs, and activities.

Industrial link

We realize the critical gap between theories and business practices. Therefore, we work closely with corporate clients and integrate their needs into our programs and activities.

Advanced technology

Edutech is transforming education. In Thinkingschool, we invest heavily and utilize high tech technologies in education with the aim to offer highest quality services at reasonable costs to all learners around the world, especially those who have difficulties in accessing to high quality education and training.

Pedagogy excellence

Edutech changes the way we learn and teach. Thinkingschoolcommits for pedagogy excellence by adopting and creating new pedagogy methods which help our learners to learn better.